Sessions - snake

Phobia Sessions

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Sessions - snake

Are you scared of Snakes?
Do you panic if you see one on holiday, in the Zoo, or on TV?
Afraid to travel abroad because of snakes?
Well, help is at hand...

Jay with Senga, the Owl

Jays Animal Phobias


Jay is a qualified teacher and professional animal handler.  His carefully planned sessions help phobia sufferers to develop a better understanding of snakes and to actually be able to appreciate some of the snakes' amazing abilities.  Most of all, the sessions allow the participants to be in control whenever they see or encounter a snake, ending the restriction that a phobia has had on their lives.



Participant with fake snake
Participant with fake snake

About the Sessions

The sessions usually last approximately two hours. They are conducted in a professional but relaxed atmosphere and, believe it or not, are actually good fun!  The sessions can be on a one-to-one basis or you may prefer to have a couple of friends or family with you. Sometimes people make faster progress in this small group situation, where they are encouraged by the progress of others who are experiencing the same fear.
(you can also split the cost between you!)


How does it work?


Animal phobias are termed ‘specific’ phobias because they are linked with specific objects or situations.  In this case, animals are the objects and typical examples include; spiders, snakes, birds, mice, dogs etc… The methods that Jay incorporates into his carefully structured sessions are known to work particularly well with these specific phobias.  With Jays knowledge and understanding of both the animals and phobias, he explores the emotions and underlying situations that cause the phobia. 


Often when the sufferer experiences the trigger object or situation, the unconscious mind (which protects you in times of danger) takes over and any rational thoughts are bypassed as the snap decision of survival instinct kicks in.  The brain interprets these non-threatening situations as life-threatening ones and protects you when you don’t need protecting.


During the session, you will look at these perceived danger situations and by taking your time and having the chance to analyse the threat, you can teach the brain that although it’s doing a good job, it is actually working overtime and being a little too protective.  Using a range of tasks and exercises, coupled with a better understanding of the animal causing the phobia, you can progress towards your desired goal at a speed which suits you.  This gentle approach enables you to understand that the situation is in no way as frightening (or life threatening) as had been previously imagined.  By doing this, these terrifying irrational memories can be understood and re-classed as ordinary non-threatening rational memories ending the restriction the phobia has had on your life.

What if a phobia is left untreated?


Phobias can place restrictions on your everyday life and as a result may affect the lives of your friends and family.  Some people manage to cope with their phobias by avoiding the trigger situations but for others the phobia is an ever present threat and with each day that goes by, so does a day without freedom and independence.  It is thought that 10% of people have a phobia - animal phobias being one of the most common and the most easily treated.  For more information call Jay and change your life today.



Everybody who has attended a session has made incredible progress.  Check out our participant feedback to see what others think.  It really does work, so why not give it a try?


Phone or email to find out availability for the next session.

Other Animal Phobias

Although specialising in spiders and snakes, Jay can also help you with other animal phobias.
Please contact us for details.


Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, is another common phobia in Britain. Only a small number of sufferers seek help which is a real shame because... 100% are curable.

Crystal the Rainbow Boa
Royal Python
Royal Python
Rosie, the Boa Constrictor
Rosie, the Boa Constrictor

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