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Below are a selection of the Animal Team which take part in Jays Animal Encounters.


Bindi the Coati
Bindi is a beautiful female Coatimundi, Coatis are found in South America and are very similar to Racoons. She is an amazing climber and uses her long nose to sniff out tastey treats!


Maku the Meerkat
Maku is a male Meerkat, he's one of the noisest members of the team, always chattering away, but he's great fun and loves to follow you around. Sometimes we even go for a run together!

Virginia Opossum

Blossom the Virginia Opossum
Virginia Opossums are the only marsupial (pouched mammal) that live in North America, they have an incredibly short pregnancy of just 13 days and are famous for pretending to be dead leading to the term 'Play Possum!'


Peanut is a Striped Skunk. Skunks are usually black and white, but because of his unusual brown colour, he is called a chocolate Skunk. He loves going for walks and his hobby is definately eating!

Cuban Iguana
Cuban Iguana
This is Rocky
Rocky is a Cuban Rock Iguana, he's got amazing red eyes and just looks like a mini Dinosaur, but don't be fooled by his appearance he's a gentle vegetarian like Ziggy!
This is Ziggy
Ziggy is a green iguana and is nearly 2 metres long.  Although he is like a dinosaur, you don't have to worry - he is a vegetarian and is really a gentle giant.
Male Tiger Retic

Max the Python
Maximus (or Max for short) is a Tiger Reticulated Python. Reticulated Pythons are the largest species of snake in the world. At 4 metres he is still just a youngster - the longest snake ever recorded was a female reticulated python that measured nearly 11 metres!!!

Crystal the snake

This is Crystal
Crystal is a rainbow boa.  If you look closely at her scales, you will see why rainbow boas get their name.  Just look at those amazing colours!


This is Olive
Olive is a Burmese Python, although she is twice the size of Amber she is still just as gentle and friendly.

Albin Burmese

This is Amber
Amber is an Albino Burmese Python. She is only a baby at the moment, but one day could grow to over 7 metres, that's gonna be one big snake!


Rosie the Boa
Rosie is one of our boa constrictors.  She is not venomous or slimey but is really friendly and she likes to give YOU a cuddle.

Albino Boa

This is Ruby
Ruby is an albino Boa constrictor, she is extremely pretty and has a lovely temprement to match.


Alice the Bearded Dragon

This is Alice
Alice is a bearded dragon which is a type of lizard.  Her spikey beard looks sharp but these spikes are soft to the touch.


This is Sydney
He is a very friendly Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons live in Australia, where they love to bask in the hot sun.


This is Belinda
Belinda isn't a snake, but a type of lizard called a 'Blue Tongued Skink'. Skinks often have long bodies with shiny scales and small legs. You can certainly see why they call them blue tongues!

Male Veiled Chameleon

This is George
He is a chameleon which is also a type of lizard.  He is very good at changing colour and pattern and has a long, sticky tongue to catch his food.



This is Frankie
Frankie is a ferret and here he is as a youngster.  He is a lot bigger than this now as he really likes his food!  He is very mischievous and loves to play combat.

This is Fudge
Like Frankie, Fudge is also a ferret, but as you can see she is a very different colour.  She is also good fun and enjoys running around and getting into trouble.



This is Boomer
Boomer is a Giant African Pouched Rat - he loves collecting food in his enormous cheek pouches which he then takes back to his house for a midnight snack. At nearly 3ft long he is one big Rat!
Mini Mouse
Mini Mouse

This is Minnie
Minnie is one of our African Pygmy Mice - they are possibly the smallest rodent in the world and as you can see, when they are adult they can easily sit on a 2 pence piece!


Spike the hedgehog

This is Spike
Spike is an African pygmy hedgehog.  He is good at rolling into a spikey ball for protection.  He has a white, fluffy belly which he likes to have stroked.


This is Snowball
Snowball is a beautiful albino African pygmy hedgehog.  As an albino she has no dark colour in her body, hence the ruby eyes and white quills. She is so good at rolling into a perfect little ball she just had to be called Snowball!


Prince & Belinda
Prince & Belinda

Prince is a Giant African Bullfrog.  He has beautiful colours and markings, a big personality, with an ever bigger appetite!


Esmerelda the Giant Toad
Esmerelda is a Giant Marine Toad, the largest type of toad in the world. As you would expect being a giant toad she has a giant appetitie and her favorite food would have to be locusts. Lots of locusts!


Bud the Jungle Nymph

This is Bud
Bud is a jungle nymph which is one of the largest insects in the world!  His green colour helps him to blend in with the leaves which he likes to eat.

Claude the scorpion

Claude the Emperor Scorpion
Emperor Scorpions live in the rainforrests in Africa. They use their large pincers to grab their prey and they have a poisonous sting at the tip of their tail. Claude is usually quite friendly!


Russell the Cockroach

This is Russell
Russell is a Madagascan hissing cockroach.  He likes to eat fruit and vegetables and sometimes hisses when you touch him.  He lives with his family and friends.

Giant Millipede
Giant Millipede

This is Millie (obviously!)
Millie is one of our Giant Millipedes, (not to be confused with Centipedes) they are gentle vegetarians and this type from Africa can grow upto 30cm!



This is Pedro
Pedro is a Mexican Red Knee tarantula. He is about half grown at the moment and his colours will get brighter as he gets older and bigger!

Chilean Rose

Maria the Tarantula
Maria is a Chilean Rose tarantula. She is an extremely friendly spider that has helped hundreds of people who were afraid of spiders, to understand that they really are beautiful and misunderstood creatures.

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