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Jay with the Meerkats
Jay with the Meerkats

About 'Jays Animal Encounters'

‘Jays Animal Encounters’ is a professional, quality experience that is always fun and educational. It gives you the opportunity to meet animals closer than you ever have before.
With such a close encounter you can truly appreciate the animal’s colour, texture, detail, behaviour, personality, beauty and much much more.


‘Bringing the zoo to you’ is exactly that - a unique opportunity where the animals visit you.  ‘Jays Animal Encounters’ provides the following services:


Phobia Sessions
Phobia Sessions
Bearded Dragon Encounter
Animal Encounters
Animal Care Students
College Lectures

·   Animal Encounters – meeting animals up close, fun & educational for all ages

·   School Visits – range of school activities from animal encounters to art

·   College Lectures – from animal classification to the husbandry of exotics

·   Birthday Parties – Birthdays etc; animal encounters to suit your needs

·   Private Functions – after dinner talks, Scouts / Brownies, Clubs etc

·   Phobia Sessions – to help anyone who has an animal phobia

·   Television Work – beautiful calm animals for advertising etc

School Visits
School Visits
Tailored Parties
Television Work

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