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Party Animals!
Party Animals!

'Jays Animal Encounters' School Visits

·        How time consuming and expensive is it to organise a bus?

·        How long does it take your class to put their coats on?

·        How long can it take to get there?

‘Jays Animal Encounters’, ‘bringing the zoo to you’ can help solve those logistical problems of taking your class out of the school and at the same time, cover many topics of the school curriculum – bringing the curriculum to life for the pupils. Jay will tailor the sessions to meet your particular individual needs, so please feel free to contact him with whatever you require.

‘Bringing the zoo to you’ is exactly that - a unique opportunity where the animals visit you. 


School Encounters
School Visits
School Encounters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need lots of room for the Animal Encounters?
A: No, most lessons are held in the classroom or the hall depending on the Class/Group sizes.

Q:  How many people can take part in the Animal Encounters?
A: There is no limit to the class size for any of the sessions, but as you will appreciate the larger the group of children the less time there is for individual handling. In individual class situations Jay can usually let all the children handle the animals. 
Q: How much does a visit from Jays Animal Encounters cost?
A: The hourly rate gets cheaper the longer the visit lasts. For example

1 hour of AnimalEncounters = £110
2 hours of Animal Encounters = £170
3 hours of Animal Encounters = £210
4 hours of Animal Encounters = £240
5 hours of Animal Encounters = £300
6 hours of Animal Encounters = £360

The hours can be divided up, for example 4 x 45 min sessions would still equate to 3 hours of Encounters. There may also be a small travel fee to add - if you let Jay know the address and post code of your School, Jay can easily provide you with a total price for the visit (There is no charge for travel to Schools in or close to Darlington.)

Q: Is it perfectly safe?
A: The Encounter Lessons will always be carried out by Jay who is fully qualified teacher and professional Animal Handler, all the animals are beautiful tame specimens that are used to meeting large groups of people. Jay's Animal Encounters is fully insured for upto 10 Million Public Liability and CRB checked. A specially formulated anti-bacterial handwash is also provided for all the participants.


School Visits
School Visits
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